At Islam Centrum we care about quality meat. As a butcher we have a passion for our meats and we love what we do. That passion is reflected in the beautiful products that we offer since out shop opened in the 1980s and we will continue with this tradition to deliver the products we are known for while keeping up with the latest developments. As a quality butcher our shop is known in Rotterdam and surrounding towns.

Our excellent price-quality ratio combined with a wide range of meats guarantees you get the best products for your money. We currently sell more than 150 fresh meat products, from head to tail, presented in a counter of more than 25 meters!

We offer the widest possible range of meat, including lamb, veal, beef, mutton, goat, wild products, chicken products and organ products. Whatever you are looking for we’re always happy to serve you!

We keep our products as fresh and natural as possible and use absolutely no dyes or preservatives. You can expect the same high quality with every visit!

You can reach our shop by public transport or by car with free parking right outside our door.